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  Epro Telecom Successfully Held the Autumn Picnic and the 2nd Quarter, 2005 of 'Outstanding Performance Staff Award' Ceremony



In order to strengthen cohesion among staff and enhance their sense of belongings towards the company, on 13 November 2005, Epro Telecom has successfully held the autumn picnic, 'Epro Telecom -Natural Beauty of Yuen Long Trip' for its staff members, relatives, and friends. About 200 participants gathered together mirthfully to taste the breeze and fresh air and enjoy the country side of Hong Kong city. In addition, the 2nd Quarter, 2005 of 'Outstanding Performance Staff Award' ceremony was also presented in the same day to commend staff for their admirable performance.

The first destination of the trip was Lotus Grange where participants could appreciate 24 kinds of lotus as well as try aromatic lotus tea, smooth tofu pudding, and sweet potatoes. At the venue, the 2nd quarter, 2005 of 'Outstanding Performance Staff Award' ceremony also was held to showcase contribution of the award recipients towards the company and reinforce job enthusiasm among staff. Mr. Telly Wong, Managing Director of Epro Telecom presented the 'Outstanding Performance Staff Award' to the 7 outstanding performance staff out of nearly 700 staff in the company who are Chau Kwok Ying, Andy, System Operator; Yung Kwan Yee, Kennis, Corporate Division Manager; Wang Yang, Sophia, Consulting Manager; Cheung Wan Yin, Winnie, Operation Assistant; Chung Lai Ling, Winnie, Sr. Tele-marketer; Fung Sin Mi, May and Wong Chun Yin, Ben, Tele-marketer. Their industrious efforts were rewarded with a memorable certificate and cash bonus as motivation. Right after the ceremony, there was a lucky draw session leading the atmosphere rise to the peak among 200 participants.     

Then all the participants visited 'Tai Tong Ly Chee Garden' which is a popular landmark of Yuen Long with beautiful scenery and excellent facilities including riding, war game, catching fish, and cycling, etc. In the warm sunshine and soft wind, the staff played heartily in the garden after delicious BBQ lunch. Finally, we went to Heng Heung bakery to view the process necessary to make a traditional wife cake and bought hot wife cakes and crispy egg rolls to bring home.

Mr. Telly Wong, Managing Director of Epro Telecom stated, "This trip can not only ease staff pressure from their daily work, but also successfully provide an opportunity for the management and staff to know more about each other. Additionally, aiming to give recognition and appreciation to outstanding performance staff, we held the second 'Outstanding Performance Staff Award' ceremony on the day. Epro Telecom will organize various leisurable activities continually to provide the best and pleasant working atmosphere and motivation for our staff."



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