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Facilities Management


With over 850 workstations equipped with advanced WISE-xb Multi-media Contact Centre(CTI) System and full range of communication facilities, EPRO offers superior contact centre environment and infrastructure in various models to accommodate our clients’ operational demand and unique requirements.

EPRO’s operation sites all located in favorable business locations for easy recruitment and ready with decent and comprehensive call centre set- up in terms of equipment and software.

More than just saving our clients’ time and investment on establishing their own infrastructure, EPRO offers incomparable flexibility and head start for our clients in the competitive market, as well as leverage operational expertise of managing the equipment and application our facilities management services

Our Facilities Management Solution includes:
1) Workstations Leasing
Dedicated and enclosed / shared working areas
Isolated and dedicated / Shared network and system facilities
Application Development, Customization and on-going Enhancements
Resources Planning
Data, System and Physical Security Control
24x7 System Monitoring and Maintenance
Daily Administrative Support
Solo / Co-Service Management

2) IVRS Hosting Solution
Inbound registration, lucky draw and information enquiry
Outbound payment reminder
Call flow design
Voice talents for three languages voice recording
IVRS flow customization
24-hour on-going system monitoring
Daily report

3) Contact Centre System Hosting Solution
Clients’ contact centre workstations remotely connected to Epro’s WISE-xb System
Client to make use of WISE-xb System to support the contact service operation at their own contact centres
Epro offers remote support and maintenance of WISE-xb System



To discuss your specific facilities management business needs with us, please call: (852) 2799-0202


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