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One-Stop Solutions
With extensive experience and expertise in the Contact Centre industry, we are proud to offer One-Stop Solutions to clients of every size and need. Our comprehensive solutions include Contact Centre Outsourcing/Insourcing Services, Contact Centre Training and Consultation Services as well as Contact Centre Facilities Management and System Solutions.

A History of Service, A Tradition of Quality
Managing over 850 workstations in multiple sites at Hong Kong, EPRO TELECOM provides professional and full-service Contact Centre Outsourcing Solutions to meet client’s individual needs. With its enormous scalability, EPRO TELECOM also provides extensive and reliable 24x7 Multi-media Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Services for prestigious clients such as the Hong Kong Government, international banking and finance institutions, telecommunications companies, global insurance corporations, retail conglomerates and many other enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Scalability, Flexibility and Capability
Since our inception in 1990, EPRO TELECOM has honed our expertise in the provision of professional and quality services that add value to our clients’ business. Our management team averages more than 10 years of practical and hands-on experience. Working under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in Hong Kong , EPRO rides on our state-of-the-art call centre system and infrastructure to deliver services that constantly fulfil your requirements and standards. The diverse nature of our clients provides us with a deep understanding of a wide variety of industry specific needs, ensuring cost effectiveness and service efficiency.

Advanced Technologies Guarantee Excellent Service
Our WISE-xb Multi-Media Contact Centre System enhances our service delivery to you. This EPRO-owned technology is the heart of the robust computer and telephony integration (CTI) infrastructure that supports our management of your services. We also maintain dedicated Research and Development team in Hong Kong to provide ongoing development and timely, mission critical customization of our Contact Centre System to address changing market conditions and evolving client needs.


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