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Training Services


Delivering unparalleled quality, flexibility and value, EPRO is capable to develop customized solutions to meet client’s individual needs.

Together with EPRO's solid contact centre management experience, we infill valuable insight into industry best practices, ensuring each and every call centre professional obtain the most updated knowledge and right skills to bring along long term success.

Customer Contact Centre Training Program Series

Customer Service Management Training Series
Contact Centre Manager Training
Contact Centre Supervisory Management Training
Contact Centre Professional Training
Contact Centre Operation Management Training
Customer Service Team Building Training
Contact Centre Professional Trainer Training
Customer Relationship Management Training


Telemarketing Management Training Series
Telemarketing Supervisory Management Training
Telemarketing Skills Training
Telemarketing Project Management Training
Telemarketing Script Design Training

Competency Enhancement Training Series
Customer Service Excellence Leadership Training
Complaint Handling and Stress Management Training


Service Quality Management Training Series

Contact Centre Service Quality Management Training
Effective Monitoring and Coaching Training


To discuss your specific training requirements with us, please call: (852) 2799-0202


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